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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I generally like Sundays. I rest, do a little bit of work around the home such as cooking for the week, enjoy some reading and do not much else...

I only dislike Sundays when I dislike my job like now. I dread the idea of going to work tomorrow.

When I started working for this company, I liked it and for quiet a while it was OK and even good. Things have dramatically changed over the course of last 6-8 months. There are external factors affecting the management and they are taking it all out on the rest of the employees. The boss thinks he may be fired soon and he is doing everything in his power to cover his... you know what. He keeps asking for more reports for minute details, he keeps making everyone re-visit old files to see if there are any issues which may be used against him and etc. It is in sufferable. Last week I had a breakdown and was at the verge of quitting.

If I quit now, I will most likely end up selling the investment apartment I bought. I still have 28 months of payment on it. According to my calculations, I should bear this job for another year. Then, quitting is doable but still a bit risky. I am willing to take that risk.

I am actively looking for an alternative but given the economy, it is tough. I just keep counting the days and hope for the best...

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