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Friday, September 7, 2012

Different Styles.... So, don't judge others!

I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me that her husband quit his job since his company was not paying his salary for months claiming that the company was in a crisis and that he was looking for a new job. I offered to share his resume with a few headhunters that I knew. She told me, she was headed to the Beauty Parlor for a pedi and a mani and that she could send me the resume only in the afternoon and I caught myself thinking "isn't it time to tighten the belts a little bit? I would cut back on Beauty Parlor visits, if I were her". This sounds rather judgemental isn't it? After I hung up, I sat down to write this post because I felt bad about even thinking of judging her. Thank God I am not a big mouth to spill any and every thought. Everybody has different coping mechanisms with each unique situation. There may be a ton of other factors that I do not now about her life and her financial situation.

 After all she has a successful business and they can probably get by on what she brings in while her husband looks for a new job. Family help is also possible in their case. May be by going to the Beauty Parlor, she feels better about herself and not depressed so this has real value for her.

I am frugal by nature, and I like to budget. I like total control over my finances and that makes me feel good. My sister sometimes thinks I am a control freak. I may very well be one but, that is how I feel secure, comfortable and good about myself. I had already shared the amount of debt that I have. It is not a lot. Actually it is a very small debt that I can absolutely handle but, it still bugs me and I try calculating how and when I can pay it earlier. I am the way I am and I do not think I will ever change. 

It is not my place to judge others for their financial decisions and it is not anybody's business how I handle my financial matters. This applies to all life choices not just finances. So, breath in and exhale and... do not judge others.

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