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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overwhelmed? Not yet...

My last week at work! 

I called the Real Estate Broker today and told him that my apartment would become vacant two weeks from now and that I would like to draw up a contract with him and hand over keys so that he can show the place. I may become a landlady within a few weeks who knows?

Today I need to go buy a gift for my cousins for their new home and then go home and do some more packing. I should start packing some fragile stuff along with most of the kitchenware. I do not have a whole lot left to do so, I feel good about this but, when I go back to Istanbul, I will probably need at least three days to sort out old stuff, separate things to be donated and arrange closets. Summer shoes need to be taken care of, put in boxes and moved to the upper shelves. All cupboards and closets need to be wiped as well. My kitchen needs a thorough re-organization and cleaning.

I must have the apartment painted next spring. The walls are really dirty and I do not think wiping them will help at all. Every year the walls used to be wiped down but during the last two years, it could not be done due to my absence. Also, a couple of walls have humidity damage. Thankfully this year our apartment complex is going through an insulation project and the walls will not be affected as much in the coming years. 

I am not much of a home-maker type or a domestic type. I actually hate all sorts of housework with ironing on top of my list but, moving back HOME:) and the changing season has this strange affect on me. I needed a fresh start and now that I have the opportunity, I would like to do it right. My apartment is rather small so, I have to figure out a smart way to make a small office corner for working from home. A friend of mine has his own business and he already offered me to work at his office whenever I want or need to. So, hopefully, I will be able to establish a new routine.

I would like to start exercising on a regular basis and start watching what I am eating. However, I do not want to overwhelm myself either. Moving, starting a free lance life, starting an exercise and diet plan all together is not possible. So, I will try to make small changes and stick with them at first to test the waters. 

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