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Thursday, October 18, 2012

My New Office: Starbucks

The insulation project at my apartment complex is still going on and today the workers are drilling holes on my walls again. I think the noisy part of the process will be over in a day or two for the front of the apartment but the back will be done later.

I needed to work so, I escaped from home to Starbucks again. This place is becoming my new office. They have nice work tables and plenty of electrical outlets for the laptops. I am happy and believe it or not I get more work done this way. Thanks Starbucks!

I was complaining about their prices but the amount of time I spend here justifies that. After all, you cannot sit at another cafe for four hours when you just order a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. The place is very large and it is never full so, I do not think it is unethical. Besides, I haven't heard Starbucks complaining about their customers for remaining too long.

You can see professionals having meetings, doing some work on their laptops, students studying and people busy reading, writing you name it. This place is very accomodating.

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