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Friday, November 16, 2012

Busy week coming up

Next week, I shall be working for four days, two in Ankara, two in Iskenderun. There is a good chance that I will spend Wednesday with mom and sis so, this is another good opportunity.

I was not expecting November to be this busy. When I decided to leave my regular job and take part-time work, I calculated that a minimum of 4 days per month on the average would keep me in an OK income zone (of course with the help of my rental and SS income). Anything above 4 days is good. Last month I worked a total of 7 days and this month, I think I will exceed 8 days by the end of the month. Of course this is not indicative of anything in such a short time. I need to spend a whole year to see the average number of days I can work. Surely summer will be much slower.

I am trying to figure out what to pack since Iskenderun is probably much warmer being a coastal city in the south.

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  1. I wish my dh could work only a few days a month. Enjoy your time with your mother and sister.