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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Knitting a Blanket

I am not much of a knitter but, I think it is pretty cheap therapy. If you do it while you watch TV, it takes the guilt out. I am currently knitting a blanket for mom. It is for next winter because, that is when I will be able to finish it at this pace.  It will look like something like this, I hope:)

So far I have been able to finish the first 5 pieces

I have knitted a similar one for my sis and she likes it very much.

The yarn is pretty cheap and I think I will have quiet a bit of left over yarn for smaller projects such as learning different stitches. I have never been able to find a nice fitting knitted hat for myself. I might try making one and try to improve my knitting skills which are basically at kindergarten level...

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