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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My interesting tenant

I have an investment property in Ankara and the day I moved out, my tenant moved in. At first I was reluctant to rent my apartment because I do not like to deal with unpaid rents or damage in the apartment. I put it up for sale but, there weren't buyers around and the real estate agent talked me into renting. He promised I would never have to deal with the tenant and that he would take care of it.

The first month's rent plus a deposit of two months rent was handed to me when I gave the keys and signed the contract. The second month's rent was not deposited on time. I called the real estate agent and it turned out that the tenant was having trouble with my account number which is weird so he sent the rent to the real estate agent and he forwarded it to my account. OK fine. I gave them another account number.

December rent was again delayed. I called the apartment management to see if the monthly maintenance fees were being paid or not. They weren't paid either. So, I called the real estate agent again.

He talked to the tenant and again he is having trouble with my account. So, he sends the real estate agent 3 months worth of rent plus the overdue maintenance fees with interest. Weird huh?

Now I have December, January and February rents. Until March, I will not have to worry about rent.

I have to go back to my calculations to see if I can close the smallest debt with the highest interest AND make maximum contributions into my retirement account next year. If I can, I will.

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  1. I do hope this tenant turns out to be a good one for you...