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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How can this happen to me?

The first time I was on an airplane was in 1990. I flew from Ankara to New York. I enjoyed flying very much and flew the same route several times. I flew to the West Coast of US, to Taiwan, to Europe and within Turkey many times.

6 years ago, on a flight to Munich, we encountered some long lasting and uncomforatble turbulence and I became an uncomfortable flier. Although, I did not enjoy flying anymore, I flew many more times. recently the level of my discomfort has been on the rise. I don't know why. A month ago, I had a panick attack and could not fly to my destination. After that, I flew to Izmir and back last week. This week I flew to Izmir again but could not fly back today!!!!!!!!!!!! While landing to Izmir we had a short but severe turbulence and I freaked out. Today, I was supposed to go back but at the airport, as we were waiting to board the plane, they told us that the plane would be delayed due to TECHNICAL reasons.

What are those reasons? No one tells you that. It was to be delayed for 10 minutes and later that became a half hour. I was supposed to fly with a friend and despite his reassurances, I just could not make myself fly... If there weren't a delay due to those unknown technical reasons, I was going to fly but as we got delayed, I got more nervous every minute.

Now I am on a bus at night and it will probably take 8-9 hours to go back to Ankara. I know this is way more dangerous but...

What am I gonna do? If I cannot fly, my life is ruined. God help me...

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  1. I enjoy flying but my body does not. I feel ill and sick from the minute the plane takes off until it lands. I am not frightened but my body does not like it.

    You may have to take a mild sedative next time you fly?