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Monday, February 18, 2013

Off to the dietician we went today...

I have been putting on weight since... forever. I am currently at an all times high and so is mom. Today we bit the bullet and went to see a dietician. She is a sweet young woman with a good attitude. Very encouraging... So, today is the day we start to eat healthy and concentrate on our health.

Tomorrow I will be on a business trip for four days (yes, on a bus again) and, it will be a little tricky but I think I can manage my menu while I am away from home. Today we did our grocery shopping, so mom is equipped with fresh veggies, fruit, yoghurt, and whole wheat bread while I am gone.

We shall not be exercising at all till we lose some weight. As of now, we shall watch what we eat and drink plenty of water.

I think this is my last chance before menopause considering my age. I hope, I shall not sabotage myself this time. Having mom as a support buddy is a good thing. Wish us luck!

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