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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Q1 2013 is over

I cannot believe a quarter of the New Year is already gone!

I have;

- Settled in my apartment in Istanbul, and got rid of clutter with the help of my mother,
- Started a diet program which hopefully will help me become healthier,
- Worked part-time and made money,
- Planned for some home renovation projects,
- Spent lots of quality time with mom,

and so far, I am happy with my Q1. My financial figures are in line with the goals I had set prior to 2013.

Hopefully I will;
- Re-do my bathroom,
- Change room doors and room frames,
- Have the apartment painted,
- Lose 6 kgs,
- Take a mini vacation (already paid for) with mom,
- Work and make some more money,
- Get rid of some kitchen wares and replace them with new ones if really necessarry

during Q2.

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  1. I would say you had a really good quarter :)