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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Spring seems finally here. Istanbul is covered with beautiful flowers and lots and lots of tulips of all colors. It is supposed to be 16 degrees celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) today.

I was sick since Tuesday but, yesterday I felt like going out. I went to IKEA and got the lamp I needed. Then I went to a furniture store to see pull out couches but found the prices too expensive. Then, I decided to head back home but I came accross a Michelin tire store and decided to see if they carried what I needed for the summer. I had already checked the prices earlier so I knew what a good price should be. They gave me a slightly better price and the option to store my winter tires for just 50 TL (USD 27,75). So, I had my tires changed. They also told me my winter tires were in real good shape and I did not need to buy new ones for next year which made me real happy:)

I came home and my friends called and begged me to join them for dinner. The seven of us get together every month. I figured, I could go since I was feeling much better. So, I did and had a good time. I came back at 01:30 a.m. and went to bed. I am still feeling at 90% but, I will go out and get some fresh air along with fresh groceries at a nearby open market. Here is my shopping list:

Fresh Artichokes
Cherry Tomatoes
Fresh peppers

Since, I shall be traveling Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I do not need more stuff.
I will also pick up a small container of yogurt, a bag of whole wheat bread. and some eggs. I already have plenty of fish and meat patties in the freezer so, I do not need any meat. May be just a little turkey for variety.

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