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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tracking Spending

I had started to track my expenses but after I went to Ankara for the New Year, I ignored it. January and February came and went and I tracked nothing. Mom is with me so she pays for some groceries and meals out too but still, I think I spent more money than I should have and there is no record to analyze that yet I somehow attribute this to the doctor visit and blood works before seeing the dietician and the dietician visits. Also, I purchased our mini vacation in May in Bodrum.

I have decided to track my spending in March. I think it is very important to see where the money goes.

I have a budget system that worked for me many years but now that my income is comparatively lower due to my semi-retirement, I think I should be a lot more careful. My budget categories include:

Savings (I pay myself first)
Utilities (itemized)
Insurances (itemized)
Taxes (itemized)
Car Maintenance
Miscellanous (a catch-all category for groceries, meals out, gas, health related expenses)

I am either allowing very little for the miscellanous or overspending in that category and the only way to find out is by tracking the money.

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