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Monday, April 15, 2013

No more fizz!

I gave up fizzy drinks. I haven't had one in 3 months. I used to drink an occasional soda until I was 22. When I went to the US to live there for over three years, my diet changed drastically to include at least two cans of diet soda if not more which resulted in weight gain. Top that with an inherited thyroid problem, you get obesity. For many years I struggled with my weight and although I lost some, I gained more. This year I hit an all time high as my weight is concerned and decided that this is it.

Before I started seeing a dietician, I gave up soda and all sorts of artificial sweeteners. I may occasionally have a Turkish coffee with a little sugar, or a small dessert but, artificial sweeteners are out! I drink water with meals 90% of the time. I drink ayran with some meals and I love it. As for filter coffee and tea, I never use any kind of sweetener. I like regular milk in my coffee and that's it.

Ever since I started seeing the dietician, I gave up sugar and white flour. I have two pieces of fruit a day and I consume only real whole wheat bread.

My energy is up and my blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been. I see significant improvement in my health and I am very happy about it.

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