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Sunday, April 21, 2013

On Duty

My sister and brother in law are away for a vacation which they have deserved. My sister's MIL has been very very sick since last September and their lives were basically planned around her in laws just to make them comfortable and happy.

My BIL is very upset about his mother's situation and he is an only child. He was very reluctant to go away leaving his family behind but he certainly needed a break and so did my sister. So, I had promised to be in Ankara while they were away. If his parents need anything or if God forbid, there is an emergency, I will be here to attend to them. In a way I am on duty for the week. I really do not need to do much other than just being here in Ankara so, it is not a big sacrifice or anything like that. I love my sister and I like doing things to make her happy.

Today mom and I will visit her in laws to see if they need anything and keep them company. They have a live-in caretaker but Sundays are her off day. Mom and sis have the same cleaning lady. My sister hires her on Sundays so that her father in law is not alone with the patient.

Sis and her husband are at a resort they go every year by the Mediterrenean. Yesterday they opened the swimming season of 2013. The weather is still lukewarm but that never stops our family. We all love to swim in cold water.

Hopefully this will be an uneventful week and they will rest well and get back energized.

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