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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Attempt on feeling normal...

I worry sick about where my country is headed; not a day goes by something worrisome happens so every day is depressing. Meanwhile life goes on as expected. In an attempt to start feeling "normal" again I finally bit the bullet and signed up for an estimate on re-modeling the bathroom and painting the whole apartment. I was thinking of postponing this to September but, I need to keep my mind occupied.

I have set aside a budget of 10,000 TL for all of it. I can afford to spend more but, I do not want to. Tomorrow they will call me to set up an appointment for Tuesday and I am trying to come up with my set of questions.

I am going to have them change the piping and the electrical infrastructure as well. My bathroom is very very small so, I need a good design to utilize all of the space wisely. I want to get rid of the tub and have a walk-in shower stall. I have seen some really nice ones but they were a bit out my price range.

As for the paint job, I have two walls damaged by water. Outside of the apartment building is now fixed (hopefully) but the painting and the base were damaged so, those walls may need some extra work or different base paint. I will find out about that soon.

My diet is going well. I think I lost some more weight last week. Tomorrow, I will weigh myself to see what has happened. The weigh-in at the dietician is on July 4th. Hope celebrations will be in order for me too...

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