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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Debt, debt! Go away, go away!

My Rental Propert Debt will look like this by July 5th, 2013. Blue portion is the amount of debt I have paid, the reddish portion is the remaining debt. I am thrilled to see this little graph. This debt will go way completely by May 2014. When I took out the 36 month loan, I thought it was such a long period of time. I cannot even imagine a 30 year mortgage. To me debt is very depressing...

The bathroom re-modeling and the paint job will cost some money and I am already torn between paying them right away or in installments with 0 per cent interest. Common sense tells me to take advantage of the 0 per cent interest but my heart tells me otherwise.

I was supposed to find out how much those would cost but, the company who would give me an estimate drove me crazy by not showing up at the specified time zone, I cancelled them and made an appointment with another company. Hopefully, this new company will show up on time next Thursday.

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