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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Counting My Blessings: Friends Edition

Yesterday an old colleague and a close friend of mine, Phyllis called to pick my brains about her daughter's College selection. I am no guru on this but having spent 25 years in the worforce in various companies and having hired many young college grads, I had some ideas which I shared with her

She and her daughter got into more specific questions and I told them there was not much I knew about those but I thought of an old High School buddy who is now a professor at my alma mater.

I was very friendly with her when I was 14-16 but over the years we have gone our separate  ways and only communicated through a Yahoo Group the graduates of my High school set up. I haven't seen her in probably over 25 years. Yet, when I e-mailed her about the specific questions she e-mailed back telling me that she would set aside a whole hour to see my friend's daughter face-to-face. I was so thrilled! I never expected her to set aside such time since I know she is very busy and actually leaving for China for a whole month this Sunday. What a great friend!

Then I thought about my other friends and I felt truly blessed for having them. Here are just a few examples of their thoughtfulness:

-One of them took my sister to surgery while I was on a business trip to the US.
-Another took me to the hospital when I had a massive vertigo attack
-Quite a few helped me in finding new positions when I was looking for new jobs
-One of them sent me his driver when I was too sick to go to the doctor's office and even set up my appointment himself.
-One of them just recently offered to check on my mom while I am away on a business trip.
- One cooked dinner and left it in my fridge for a welcome gift when I was returning from a long flight and took care of my plants while I was away.
- Another met mom at the train station since someone had bumped into my car and I needed to file a police report.
-One of them literally saved my life when I was poisoned by chicken and did not recognize the symptoms.
-Two have rooms for me when I visit them in the US.

I am very lucky to have them as my friends.

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