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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stuff coming out of my ears!

My home is not very neat. I sat down the other day and considered why and decided that I have more stuff than I use.

I had gone through my stuff a while back and I thought I got rid of many things. Two or more rounds of that could work. However the thing is some of the stuff I have gets used however rare that may be. Some serving dishes see the light of day when I have company at home. That means 2-3 times per year.

Today I went through my wardrobe again and got rid of all size 26-28 pants (British). I am now a size 20-22 US and a 22-24 British. I also got rid of some shirts and blouses I haven't worn in a year. I am donating two coats I have not been wearing for the few years and giving away two thermal blankets I had purchased in the US many many years ago.

The shoe rack also needs attention but I am not doing it today.

I have ordered a storage shed for the balcony and I am expecting it to be delivered today. I am going to put it together and store all cleaning supplies and tools in it. This way I will have enough storage space in the built-in cabinet at the entrance of my apartment to put my suitcases, my tennis rackets, skis and ski boots.

There are a couple of things that will go after the paint job.

I have finally had the bathroom assessed by two contractors and I have made up my mind. I will post the budget later.

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