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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day Umpteeen- Home Renovation Part: I AM FED UP!

I am returning home tonight. My bathroom has a working but wobbly toilet (it hasn't been secured yet), a wobbly sink (not secured yet either) and a working washing machine. Can't take a shower yet and can't put back all the stuff in there since the bathroom furniture hasn't been installed yet.

I want my bathroom fully functioning by the end of tomorrow. The contractor has so far done a good but a slow job so he probably got yelled at by some other customer waiting in line and therefore decided not to come and work on my bathroom while I am away. So, I just called him to tell that I am expecting the work to be done by tomorrow evening.

What remains to be done:
Installation of the shower and the shower cabin
Installation of the mirror cabinet and other cabinets
Installation of the lamps I bought

The sink cabinet has been installed but it has problems so that must be fixed.

All this could have been finished last week but, the contractor lost three days last week claiming that he was sick. I wish him well if he were really sick but it sounded more like taking advantage of the long weekend due to Victory Day in Turkey. I hope, I am wrong.

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