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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 Financial Goals Review

I just sat down to evaluate my financial goals for 2013.

I set goals in the following categories:

Cash Savings
Retirement Account
US Dollars

I have already reached the overall total TL amount at today's exchange rate, gold prices and BIST Index. However, I am cash short because the home renovation project I completed made a bigger dent in my budget that I had originally planned.

Here is the situation:

Cash Savings: -26%
Retirement Account: +4%
Stocks: +33%
Gold: -4%
USD: +8%

I think I will sell some stocks to give myself a bit of a breathing room. I just don't know when I should do this though.

Overall I think I am at a better place than I will be by the year's end. I do not know how much income I will be able to bring in November and December so, I may end up not meeting my overall goal. I will probably miss it by 2-3% which will still be OK.

I will start setting goals for 2014.

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