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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fish Prices

A blogger friend of mine wondered about the fresh fish prices I have talked about in my previous post so, here is what the current prices are and what I think is appropriate:

                                          Current               My Buying Price
Sea Bass (Levrek)                USD 10/ea       USD 5-8./ea
Sea Bream (Cupra)               USD 10/ea       USD 5-8/ea
BlueFish (Lufer)                   USD 16/ea       USD 6-9/ea
Mackerel (Istavrit)                USD 6/kg.        USD 3-5/kg.
Bonito (Palamut)                  USD 14/ea.      USD 5-8/ea  (This one is not in season currently, that is why it is expensive)

The above are my favorite fish but there are many others I like. One fish usually means at least a pound (454 grams), mostly more. None of the above are farmed fish. Farmed fish is inexpensive but not very healthy. Besides the farms are corrupting our seas so, I prefer not to buy farmed fish.

I almost always broil the first three types of fish. I cook the mackerels in a non-stick pan with very little oil. Bonito is not very tasty if you broil it so, I saute lots of onions and tomatoes in a wok and then put in the sliced fish and cook it over stove top with a lid on.

I try having fish two to three days a week in season when the prices are good. Fresh is the best but, after April, frozen fish is the only option.

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