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Sunday, February 16, 2014

No it does not bother me to have an unpredictable schedule...

A friend of mine asked me whether it bothers me to have an unpredictable schedule because whenever she inquires about my whereabouts, I am at a different city and I am not sure where I will be a week from now.

For instance, I am home now and this coming week I have no customer visits scheduled but, my mom may go through a cataract surgery so, I will know tomorrow if I need to go back to Ankara. The week after next I will need to work for one customer on Tuesday, but I am not sure if that will be in Izmir or Istanbul. I may work for another customer on Wednesday but that is not fixed yet.

This way of living is not very easy and I cannot estimate how much money I will bring in each month, yet, this does not bother me because I appreciate the flexibility I have.

Once the rental apartment debt is paid off and once there is a new and hopefully a good paying tenant, I will feel relieved. Until I have a full years living expenses minus my passive income, I will stuff my savings account. After that, the rental income will go to my retirement fund.

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