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Friday, March 7, 2014

Eating at home and Cooking from scratch

Here are my reasons why eating at home and cooking from scratch is best:

1. Eating at home is cheaper,
2. Cooking from scratch is fun: I get to try different things and modify recipes to suit my palate,
3. I can control what goes in my food so that I can avoid sugars, bad fat, MSG, excessive sodium, etc.
4. Home cooked meals can be made healthier.
5. I can cook in large quantities and freeze food in portion sizes for lazy days.
6. I can plan my menus around inexpensive and fresh ingredients.
7. Cooking gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

Every month I go out with friends once. That is pretty much my only indulgence and it is built into my budget, yet, after every get together I cringe at the amount of money I spend. It is usually worth a whole week's groceries. 

I used to order food to be delivered quiet frequently when I was working full time. That was bad both on my budget and my waistline. I am glad I gave that habit up along with the habit of drinking coke and other fizzy drinks.

Besides, I am a darn good cook!:)))

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