Saturday, May 24, 2014

Outlet Shopping

There is an outlet mall between Istanbul and Ankara. As we were returning home, mom said she wanted some towels so we headed into a store that she bought some towels at a decent price. Then I told her I wanted to look into the Nike outlet store. The prices were pretty good though nowhere near US prices. We tried many pairs on. I ended up buying two pairs, she bought one. We also bought a t-shirt each. It was a good chunk of money spent and a splurge but, I believe it was worth it. I do not need to buy anything else this summer except for a couple of shirts and may be a pair of pants.

I wear sneakers all the time and especially when my tendons are causing me trouble like now. I even wear them to work. I always apologize for wearing sneakers and explain that I have some feet issues. Never met a customer who was not understanding. The customer in Izmir is a very casual place so, they do not mind at all. The customer in Ankara is a formal place but they are nice and understanding people. Besides, I dress formally except for the shoes.

I love outlet shopping in the US. The prices are amazing but I know one needs to be careful since not all merchandise is good quality. I remember picking up Crocs at 5 dollars for my sister. That is a price you can never find in here. My favorite outlet mall is Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall in NY. I am so looking forward to going back next year.

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