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Friday, June 6, 2014

47 going on 48

Today is my 47th birthday... I find it rather strange to be approaching 50. Come on! 50! That is old, isn't it?

When I look at my life, it doesn't look so much different than in my thirties except for the fact that now I can afford to work part time and I have some property that I own free and clear.

I used to go out more frequently in the past. I now spend more time with mom.

I still dress casually.

I used to read a lot of books now, I read a lot of material on the Internet.

I used to value other's opinions of me more, now I really do not care.

I used to have boyfriends and after a while those relationships made me miserable. I am no longer interested in a relationship for a very long time now and I am happy due to less complications in life.

I wasn't used to worrying about the future when I was younger, now, I do. And may be a little too much.

Well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Life is good. At any age...

Live long and Prosper...


  1. A very happy belated birthday, T'Pol! Hope you had a wonderful day and best wishes for a terrific year xx

  2. Thank you so much! I miss your updates...