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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Early Birthday Present for Mom

Mom's Birthday is August 13th and I was thinking of getting her a Tablet PC because she is having trouble with my old laptop. She is used to using a touch screen since her cell phone is one of those smart phones with a touch screen. When sis bought herself an iPad, she gave mom her old Samsung.

Yesterday after a lot of fussing and mumbling she just had it with the laptop and closed it without reading her papers.

She asked me how much the tablets cost and told me she would get one when she gets paid her retirement pension in October.

I smiled and ordered one online as she was watching TV. Hopefully her tablet will be here today. I am hoping she will master using this better than the laptop. I am also hoping that she will be pleasantly surprised and happy for her present.


  1. Hi, and happy birthday to your mum! I have been following you for over a year now and you have been a huge inspiration. I wont say we live totally frugally (hubby myseld and 5 year old son) but I have certainly refrained from spending and have managed to save a large portion of our earnings. We managed to buy an apartment with a 5 year mortgage plan. I wont have a lot of cash keft over but am definitly interested in any tips you have to grow money in tl. I'm also wondering if you think it's better to pay off the loan early or to save and invest the cash? Best wishes. Derya

  2. Hi Derya! Unfortunately these days TL does not bring much in terms of interest so, your buying the apartment seems like a smart move. I will write up a post regarding your question with the heading "Reader Question" in a few days. Thank you for following me.