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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mattress Shopping

Mom's back was giving her trouble for the few last months and I have realized that the mattress on the bed she is using when she is with me is too soft for her. So, today we are off to mattress shopping. This is an unexpected expense but, it can be built into my budget because I can pay in 9 instalments without interest.

The mattress on her bed hasn't been used much at all since it is my guest bed. There is another one which can be pulled out to accommodate another person. That bed was used perhaps 10 times in 7-8 years so, I have no intention of changing that one. Besides harder mattresses are thicker and it will not fit in the mechanism. So, when I change the upper mattress, the pull-out bed will not be the same level. Good thing is the pull-out part can be detached completely and can be used as a separate bed.

I have looked up two firm mattresses online and I want mom to pick the one she likes best.

We better get going...

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