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Monday, July 21, 2014

Not a hoarder...

I am not a hoarder. Every spring and fall I go through my closets and shoe racks to donate whatever I am not planning to wear so that those in need get what they can use in time for the upcoming season.

However, sometimes I hold on to some real old pieces of clothing because they are so comfy around the home. This is especially true for some night gowns. I realized that I have holes in two of my favourite night gowns a while ago and yet I kept wearing them. However, I started feeling cheap about this recently, especially after our visit to mom's cousin. I am very neat when it comes to wearing things outside. I never wear anything with a hole or a stain. If I cannot fix it, it doesn't get worn, period!

I have two small drawers for my night gowns and they are stuffed. There are some night gowns never worn. I usually keep two that are brand new just in case I need hospital care (old habit inherited from grandma) but I think I have 4 or 5 that are brand new.

So, after mom goes back to Ankara, I will go through my stuff and cut up things that has holes and donate things that are still in good condition.

Mom is actually great in doing this but she is very impatient and whenever we tried doing a purge together, she took down all the closets and dumped everything on my bed all at once and made this a whole day chore. I like to do things at my own pace. One closet at a time or a couple of drawers at a time. I do not like to do this all day long. So, I am not even mentioning my intention :)


  1. I have a tshirt that I have been wearing to bed since 2000. Not every night or anything like that but it has managed to stay in my collection and worn regularly. It just started to get holes and I am so sad that I'm finally going to have to replace it though I might wait until the holes are bigger. haha!