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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Old Style Shopping

Mom and I went to Eminonu yesterday. This place is incredible. There all sorts of shops selling anything and everything. We were on a hunt for white bed sheets. We like bigger sheets than the standard ones usually sold. If we go a bigger size that is too big and requires touch up.

Mom wanted to buy the fabric and make sheets herself but, she was looking for a specific type which she could not find. So, I wanted to get fabric enough for an extra sheet for myself and two new sheets for my guest (mom's) bed. The seller told us if we had a half hour to wait around he could have the sheets sewn! What a surprise! I did not know that they did that. Mom decided to get a sheet for uncle's bed too. For just USD 45, we bought beautiful, crisp white sheets. 3 of them were about the size of a Twin Extra Long and mine was a bit bigger than the US Standard Full Size. So much cheaper than store bought sheets, much better quality too. I love the cool, crisp feeling.

We also bought two fabrics for mom to sew me dresses. She makes simple summer dresses which I wear at home to keep cool during the summer.

We walked a lot, even through the Spice Bazaar but, I hardly ever shop there.

It was a hot, humid and tiring day at the Old City but was so worth it. We plan to go back in the Fall when the weather is nicer.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful day. I'd love to see the Spice Bazaar someday!