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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today we went out to look for a clog for me and get deodorant and hair color. Mom got tired so, we decided to eat our dinner out too.

We also ended up getting Krispy Kreme treats as well. The diet plan? Out the window for today...

So, 3 deodorants, 2 boxes of hair color, a small size vaseline, dinner for two and sweet treats cost me about USD 43.- Not bad...

No clogs for me... I will have to order Dansko clogs from the US as J udy suggested and will pray they will fit... Sigh...


  1. Dansko is the really good stuff. If they fit, I think you will love them. Hope there wont be much of an issue with returning if not. I have very small feet (size 5.5~6 US), and a lot of woman's shoes are more of little girl's and very narrow.

  2. Returning would cost an arm and a leg from 5,000 miles:) If it is small, mom can wear it I guess.