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Friday, July 18, 2014

Taco Night!

Last night, I decided to make hard shell tacos. I sauteed chopped meat, prepared diced onions, homemade salsa, salad greens and some sharp local cheese. I used Mexican spices and it was easy, relatively inexpensive and tasty. I could not find avocados so, we had to skip my favourite, the guacamole.

Mom usually does not like to try "exotic" things. She is very classic minded when it comes to food but she also enjoyed the tacos although she found eating them a bit messy. I love some Chinese Food, some Thai, some German, most Italian and Mexican dishes. Turkish kitchen is very rich and I enjoy that too. Different regions have different specialties.

The package had 12 hard shell tacos and we used up 6. So, next week will be another taco night.

After dinner we had tea and called it a day.

Today's menu has mushrooms for protein and stuffed eggplants as a veggie dish. Eggplants are ready. I will have to sautee the mushrooms so, that will be easy.


  1. mushrooms have VERY little protein - odd choice?

  2. Hmmm you are right. I always thought mushrooms had more protein. Anyway, my stir fry of mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and garlic was delicious :)