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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Urge to shop...

I guess some people have a tendency to shop when they go out even if they do not "need" the stuff they buy. My mom is one of those people. She never has debt. She lives within her means and even saves a little bit of her retirement income. However, she likes to spend money.

A few days ago, I casually told her my observation trying not to offend her after she suggested we should look at some shoes that were BOGOF. I do not need any shoes for a very long time. She surely doesn't need new shoes either. She just wanted to get them. I said I was not interested in getting any and since she definitely did not need two pairs, she gave up the idea.

She barely wears everything that she owns. Sometimes she even forgets what she bought and looks at similar stuff and when I remind her that she already owns a similar item, she admits, she forgot.

My dad always worried about money. My sister and I went to private schools and even though both my parents worked, money was somewhat tight. We never felt deprived of anything but my parents needed to watch our finances closely. I think mom felt deprived during those times. She was a young woman who needed to deal with a worrying spouse. Ever since my dad passed away, she is in charge of her own finances and although she did well, she also did purchase pretty unnecessary stuff all that time.

I was watching a TV show the other day and the young woman was telling that she had 78 bottles of nail polish and 27 lipsticks. No wonder she had some credit card debt. Some people are just like that. They cannot hold themselves. This is really a shame because this type of behaviour isn't just bad for the budget but for the environment as well.

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