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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just Thinking about life choices...

I consider myself a nice and outgoing person. I love my family and my friends. I hate debt and being dependent on someone.

I never got married. My ex-BFs were OK I guess, since all of them are happily (?) married for years now. Probably I am a difficult person to share a life with. I accept that.

Although my friends tell me that I am a very nice and thoughtful person, I consider myself a bit of a control freak. I also think, I am selfish. I need a very big space for myself. I never ever wanted to have kids. Mom recalls that even when I was eight years old, I would say that I would never marry and have kids. I am 48 now and I guess, I have been pretty consistent about the life I chose to live.

I had a very loving family and a great childhood so, my decision to never have a family of my own cannot be attributed to a bad childhood or a dysfunctional family. My parents were truly the best. I guess they did not raise me and my sis the traditional way. All we kept hearing was that a good education and being independent is the key to life and that we should always stand on our own feet. My sis is married because she does not like it alone but she and her husband decided not to have kids both due to some health issues and love of freedom. I cannot wrap my brain around living with other people. Mom comes to visit and stays for longer periods of time now that I am working part-time and even though I love her to the moon and back, I sometimes feel like I need my solitude.

Why am I rambling? Well, I am and avid reader of many PF blogs and Blogging Away Debt is one of them. One of the bloggers there has two kids of her own and two adopted kids plus 4 pets. She is a single mom and has some debt that she has to get rid off. She has lately gone into some trouble about her housing situation and she had to make some tough choices. Once she wipes her debt, she is considering to adopt more kids. She is also home schooling her kids and working two jobs from home. That is so overwhelming for me. I admire her for being such a loving parent but, I just cannot imagine her life.

I love my independence and I cannot imagine any other life. Some people have a different perspective on life and they are more giving, nurturing type of people. These life choices are so personal, so unique that I think that's what makes this world interesting.


  1. It's possible that your ex's just found women who were willing to put up with their stupid selves.. Hehe.. I'm like you. I need my Space which is probably why I picked out a 2800 sq ft house for just my boyfriend and me. lol

  2. I have known for a very long while (probably since 12 or 13) that I didnt want to marry. I also did not want any biological children, but was open to adoption/foster parenting. I don't think the decision NOT to have a family is a bad one... it's just not the popular one, and I'm alright with that. There are way too many people who should NOT have families (just look at the news...), and I think that the stereotype that people need to marry and have kids is more harmful than not. I am very caring and nurturing and love my nephews to the ends of the earth, but couldn't imagine having children of my own.