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Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Customer = Too Much Work

I was MIA for sometime. Well, there are some new stuff going on...

During the summer, business was slow and I was not bringing in any extra income to supplement my passive income. That was not a big problem because, my passive income covers my basic expenses and frugal budget. However, I need to save money for the future. So, 80% of the extra money goes towards savings in my book.

We just started consulting on a very big project and the customer wants us five days a week! That is a full-time job I was not looking forward to. Besides, usually we have to stay until 8-9 p.m. for meetings.  I need to cross either of the bridges to get to work and the morning traffic in Istanbul is plain crazy.

Today it took me an hour and a half for 25 Km or about 15 miles! So, I must get up very early. If I leave home by 6:30 a.m., I can get to work in about a half hour but going home late, sleeping very little and getting up early in the morning is a killer. When I made the conscious decision to leave a full time job, this is not what I had in mind.

However, I do not expect this to go on forever. I work with two other people on this Project and we are pretty much on very different pages. I like a direct approach and taking on responsibility and acting because I come from Operations and my colleagues are very conservative and they like to keep a distance and create lots of pretty much unnecessary outputs just to show that we are working. (!?) Typical Consultants, I must say... The guys who hired us had made it very clear that they needed our experience to steer the project on their behalf. This is not what we are doing thanks to my colleagues. So, I am assuming the guys who hired us will soon fire us. That will make me feel terrible but, if the owner of the company whom I work with wants to run his business the way he does, he may as well be my guest.

While we are working on this project, I will give it my 100%, tell my colleagues what I think is right but, I will not stress over this.

If we fail as miserably as I think we will, I will review my decision to work with these people. I will most probably;

Either look elsewhere
Try to figure out doing something by myself

However, in order to work alone, I will need some cushion in my savings so that I can do some business development. Hope, we can survive about 6 months or so...


  1. It always is ashamed when you have to work with people that hold you back. It would be nice if the company would have hired you outright and you could get all the money and it would be done right.

  2. Thanks Sonya Ann. We are in week three and our first meeting with the upper management guys who hired us is tomorrow. We'll see...

  3. How frustrating! I do like your approach to it, however, and think it's the way to go as you'll be in a better (mental) position when the proverbial poop hits the proverbial fan, as you think it might. Did your meeting yesterday clarify anything? Good luck xx