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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Random Ramblings

I have decided to take the week off since I could not recover fully. I am well rested now and I can feel the difference however, I am still not at 100%. May be at 75%.

I will keep on resting until Monday and I hope to be able to shake this sickness off for good. Feeling miserable for over a month is insane.

Today, I was checking my accounts and my financial situation in general and looks like I shall be able to meet my year end financial goals or miss them by about 1% or so. That is great especially given that I did incur some unexpected expenses and had to help someone in the family. There are still a few weeks to go so, I shall be cautious though.

My sister is being transferred to another city by the bank she had been working ever since she graduated College. Her husband was transferred there last December and she had refused to go there without getting her promotion. Unfortunately, she is still not getting the promotion although she has been promised "soon" as if she hadn't been promised that many times over already.

Her husband had rented a small one bedroom apartment and they will make it do over there for a while before moving their own apartment which is a pretty big 4 bedroom. She is very hesitant whether they should move and rent the place out. They own it free and clear. To me keeping an apartment that big empty for a long time does not make financial sense but hey, it is not my finances. They do not know whether they will be able to return to their hometown before they retire which is many years away. Life just happens...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Still Sick

My doctor had prescribed me an antibiotic couple of weeks ago. It seemed to work as I took it but I started having problems with my already problematic achilles tendon. A quick search on the Net let me to the information that, antibiotics with fluoroquinolone may cause tendinitis or even tendon rupture even after giving up the medicine. Ouch!

I found this out after I took the entire bottle for 7 days and after I finished it, I started having flu symptoms again. Yesterday it got worse and I started running a high fever with a terribly sore throat.

Now I am on a different antibiotic and hope to feel better soon. I also would like to part with this dreadful cough.