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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Owning more than one needs and sharing...

There is a war going on in the neighboring countries so, thousands of people from Syria and Iraq are fleeing to Turkey. A friend of mine got involved with fleeing Iraqi Turkmens and he started a campaign through Facebook.
Family after family leave their homes, come to various cities and try to live here. They need everything. I try donating food items through an organization but, I also decided to share the stuff I own but, do not truly need.

So, mom and I sorted through my belongings and came up with the following to donate:

Two 100% Wool blankets (I have a centrally heated home and I never need these)
Two twin size sheets and matching pillow cases
One comforter
A curtain
Some old hand towels and some new hand towels I just bought at a very good price (40 towels in total)
Three pillows
Some fabrics for their sewing atelier

I can get very inexpensive fabrics so, I will buy some more to add to the sewing atelier stash. I am also planning to buy toys when I go to Ankara for the kids. I will buy some soap as well. My sister gave me a shoe and closet organizer with fabric covers. They are already in my trunk.

I will have to look in the kitchen and decide what I can give away. I probably have more glasses and dishes than I need. I also decided to give away all the cutlery I currently use. I have a whole set I use only for "company". This is stupid. I never entertain anyone at home. Besides, I think I should use my best stuff for myself. Why wait for company? I do not have kids so, after I die most of my stuff will be given away so what's the point in using old things and keeping nicer stuff in drawers and cupboards?

Now that I will get paid a good salary, I can donate more food on a regular basis.

I also donated some books last weekend to a local library. I will donate some more. As I do this, I will get rid of stuff that no longer work. A printer, old electronics, cables that have no use anymore. Spring was late this year and so was my spring cleaning mood I guess...

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  1. well done to you and your family. I cannot begin to know what all these poor people are going through. I am glad to "know" you.