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Monday, July 27, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

This year the summer did not hurry to get here and up until the mid of last week, the weather was pleasant. Temperatures were lower than normal but, starting by the end of last week, the humidity and the temperatures both rose and the wind died down quiet a bit.

Mom and I were out shopping on Saturday for my upcoming US trip. I was looking for gifts for my friends and decided on Turkish towels, pistachios and Pistachio Turkish Delight (some sort of soft candy). We went to a large department store run by one of the biggest textile companies in Turkey and lost ourselves among soft, fluffy towels. I liked one kind and mom liked another kind so, we ended up buying four of one kind and three of the other. We also bought traditional hand-woven hamam towels (peshtemals) for every one of my friends. Those hand-woven hamam towels are great as towels, pareos, shawls, lounge chair covers and even as extra sheets when you do not particularly like the bed sheets at a hotel. They are so versatile. I own probably a dozen. They get softer and softer as you use and wash them and last a very long time.

I will buy the pistachios and the candy later on. Saturday was a good day because, we were at an air-conditioned mall. On Sunday, we were supposed to go out for breakfast to Ortakoy and take a nice boad ride on the Bosphorus. However, it was so hot that we could not even dare to get out of the apartment. We stayed home and tried to relax. I do not have air-conditioning at home because my apartments is really nice and cool during the summer. During the hottest year, I might need an air-conditioner for a maximum of two weeks or so. I get by without one. I have a fan I use during the hottest days of summer.

I have less than a month to go on my big vacation and very excited with anticipation. I am hoping it will be a nice trip. Trying not to jinx it.


  1. I love Turkish Delight, especially the one covered in milk chocolate.....never had any with nuts in it? Never even heard of it; but I guess I am used to the British type not the Turkish type.

    1. Hi Gill, if you let me know your postal address through my e-mail "tpolthetrekkie@yahoo.com", I will be very happy to send you a package while I am in the US.