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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Pool and What is Left To Do

The studio I have rented has an indoor and an outdoor pool. I usually find pools icky but I have checked it out. During the weekend the pool is a bit crowded. So, on Monday, they have a cleaning routine. I do not think the pool gets much use during the week. A couple of times I was there during the day, noone was using the pool.

So, I intend to use the pool after work during the week. I desperately need some exercise and swimming seems to be a good starting point. It is too hot to go out for walking these days anyway. I know the weather will turn after the first half of August. It always does. Once I build some muscles and when the weather is cooler, I will also start walking.

And here is a tally of what is accomplished and what is yet to be done:
- Get the motorized shutters fixed 
- Find a service company for the air conditioner DONE! The A/C is going to be fixed on Monday
- Put the wardrobe together DONE!
- Put the chest of drawers together DONE!
- Put the chair together DONE!

- Prepare the stuff to be moved to the studio

  • The spare kitchen table
  • Kitchenware
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Books waiting to be read:) 
  • Iron
I have spoken to the landlord and we agreed that I should buy an inexpensive washing machine and we share the cost. There are really low priced and decent machines so, I am glad we agreed on this.

Not much is left to be done. Once I put everything in place, I will share some pictures.

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