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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Closeout Sales

One of my go to chain stores decided to quit Turkey and sold it's stores. They offered sensibly priced Plus size clothing. So, I am especially upset.

The shops will remain open till the end of November. I try to look at every store that comes my way before it closes. I have discovered that all stores carry some merchandise another one may not carry. I have already bought over a dozen tops. I am just hoping to find some pants. Even two pairs would help my winter work wardrobe but, I am not optimistic. Everything is half off so, it really is a good deal but the selection is becoming poorer by the day.

Tomorrow, I am going to Ankara and there are a couple of stores for me to check-out. While, I am in Ankara, I would like to check out another plus size store which is very inconveniently located.

I am tall so, not only the size but the length of the trousers are a problem too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How do you stop giving gifts?

I have a rather small family. Including my sister's in-laws, we are a family of 10. Not all of us exchange gifts either but gift giving has become a hassle during the last few years.

When I travel to the US, I buy gifts for everyone but when it comes to Birthdays and the New Year, it is mom, sis, BIL and I who exchange gifts. Truth be told, none of us need anything. This year, I bought a watch for my sis which she did not need and took mom to Italy for their respective birthdays and will be giving a gold coin to my BIL. Gold coins are a popular gift/investment in this country.

My mom gives gold coins to all of us but I think she is tired of doing even that.

My sister is pretty terrible in gift giving. Last year she gave me a silver ring which I never wore because, it is really not my kind of ring and this year she gave me another silver ring which had a problem so that she needed to return to the store and I did not receive the replacement yet. She is trying but, buying gifts is not her thing. Some people are like that so, I am not criticizing her. My dad was a great gift buyer and so am I. Mom and sis? Not so much.

Mom recently declared that we should stop giving gifts. To celebrate birthdays, we will only go out to dinner and be done with it.

I am fine with this decision. I am sure when I go to the US, I will buy gifts for everyone but, that is my thing. I never expect anything in return. Whenever I am shopping, I come across things that they would like or need and I get them. I do not go out of my way for gift shopping. So, this works for me.

I am so happy that after this last gold coin gift, I will be done with this. Yay!

I also belong to a group of friends that play Secret Santa for the New Year. I think, everyone dreads picking a gift for me because I am overweight. It is next to impossible for them to find a clothing item. Even I have trouble finding clothes so I cannot blame them. I keep getting real nice, good quality shawls and scarves each year. This year I must tell them in advance that I do not need anything in black or gray. Shades of blue and green or a rich burgundy are all welcome :)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Walking Distance!

Last night, I walked to the Studio apartment from work. It took me 34 minutes and 3047 steps. A total of 2.2 km. Well, my back hurt, I was cold and I had to stop to take a break twice! It wouldn't take 34 minutes if I didn't stop.

Today, I called a colleague and told her that I was heading to work and as she was passing by she could stop to get me. I walked more than half of the distance without stopping by the time she came by to get me. So, YAY ME!

I am planning to walk to and from work at least three days next week. I will up my distance slowly since I do not want to overdo this and cause an injury.

I realized that I am in real bad shape. It is not just the weight. I must be able to walk for a full hour without stopping before I start any other form of exercise.

Over the weekend, I am planning to walk too. I have become way too lazy.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Such a Blast!

I've had the best of time during the last four days at my High School Reunion. The resort was amazing, the food, the service were superb but most of all, it was such a great time with my old friends.

We spent the days at the beach and the nights having lots of fun.

I also took the opportunity to relax. I did not touch desserts and drank very little. The sea was a bit wavy but I still went in. The pools were gorgeous and I also had some Spa time.

I came home in the afternoon and decided to take a nap and slept for three and a half hours! At the moment as I post this, the washing machine is on serious duty.

Beautiful people, wonderful time! I am so glad I went. It was totally worth it.

It is time to go back to work and real life...