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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Papers coming out of my ears!

Over the last two weekends, I attacked every file, every organizer, every drawer and every purse at home to sort out the papers, receipts, documents no longer needed. I filled 3 BIG TRASH BAGS!

My God! When did that happen? How did I accumulate so much paper?

I have sorted through everything I had and made new folders to keep the necessary documents. Feeling. So. Much. Better!

It was an overwhelming task. I hope, I will never let that much paper accumulate again.

Today, when I came to work, I have realized that my desk was also very cluttered too! So, while I was in the mood, I took care of that as well. never knew how satisfying these stupid tasks would be.

May be, it is time to attack my wardrobe and shoes some time before the year is up. That task has been neglected for so long that I do not even remember when was the last time I had everything sorted out.


  1. Want to come over to SE MN and help me sort papers -- moving in a month and papers are my nemesis! Congrats on your progress! I hauled out 2 30gal bags of shredded paper earlier this month - it felt wonderful. Good luck on the closet!

    1. Haha! I would have loved to help you if we did not have more than 5,000 miles between us.
      I haven't moved since 2004. I have lived elsewhere for about two years but I did not close my home so, that is part of the reason whys so much was accumulated. A move is always a good time to purge. Good Luck with your move.