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Friday, March 31, 2017

High School Buddies

Last night I was out with a few HS buddies again. There is a club building that belongs to the Alumni Association. The service is good and the food is basic but very good. Also, it is inexpensive when compared to other places.

During the summer, they have an open pool that I had never used and a couple of tennis courts I used to play tennis with a younger friend.

Although this place is usually very quiet with just a few people dining there, last night it was very crowded. Apparently business owner graduates have a group of their own to do business and help each other. It is a nice thought but, I do not know if it works well. Two guys from that group was also our friends so, it was a pleasant surprise to see them.

A lady came to tell us that she envied us, the Class of  84, since we get together very often in big and small groups and at a resort every year on Turkish Riviera. She said she was from the Class of 80 and they were not like us at all.

It was a nice night. The other group had a talented piano playing lady and a gentleman who could sing really well. He sang both Turkish and English songs.

I came home right before the car turned into a pumpkin:)


  1. I have heard that our class of 64 is the most active. Other classes want to celebrate with us. Our class said- no thanks. If your car turns into a pumpkin, cook it up into a pie.

  2. Sounds fun! I have two high school friends - I was never particularly social (painfully shy and socially awkward) but am still great friends with them 30+ years on, so that really says something. What a great thing to have so many friends you enjoy spending time with from what can be such a turbulent time in your life. I hope you get to enjoy many more years of such fun! xx