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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My budget when I was a kid

For some reason, even when I was really little I liked to count my money, separate it into categories as to what I would like to do with each little sum.

Both my grandparents were very generous and for the two religious holidays we celebrate, they both gave me the highest valued banknote in circulation. Imagine being 7-8 and receiving USD 100 each from your grandmoms for Easter. Other relations would also give smaller amounts and after the holiday, I would feel filthy rich! Lol!

My mom still laughs at  the "pleasure" category my budget had. Well, I still have that category with the name of "Misc. and Fun"

I do not quiet remember my exact budget categories but mom remembers it went like this:

Books (I was an avid reader and although mom bought me a book every week, it would never be enough. If the book was "thin", I would beg her to buy two and usually succeeded at that)

Clothes and accessories (Although mom bought me everything, every once in a while I wanted to buy myself something that I chose myself such as fancy socks, hair accessories or something small like that)

School Supplies (Again, my folks bought what I needed but, I bought things I wanted.) I think choosing something on my own and paying for it from my pocket used to make me feel very grown up.

Pleasure (could be used for anything from buying treats for myself or treating friends to ice cream to buying story books or little toys for my baby sister)

Gifts (I would set aside money to buy gifts for Mother's and Father's Days and birthdays)

Savings (Even then, I was a saver)

I disliked sharing how much money I had even with my parents. I always thought it was a private matter and I still do believe that. So, I am amazed at the people who open their finances to others in their blogs. It surely makes their stories more believable and honest but, telling the world how much money or debt I had? Forget it! Not my thing. Only my sister has a general idea about how much I have.

I will talk about how I handle my budget as an adult later. Do you have a budget? Have you had budgets as a kid?


  1. I don't remember writing down how much money I had. I do remember getting a savings account through school in like 2nd grade or so. We got these little "pass books" to keep track of the money. I loved that! I was a saver and didn't really like to spend my money very often. I can remember buying 45 records (which I still have) and comic books. My parents gave me a small allowance and I'd save gift money. When I got 12 or 13 I started babysitting and earning money that way for saving. I knew at an early age I'd want a car when I turned 16, so I was always saving for that in mind. That was 1980 and we lived in the suburbs, so if you wanted to get around you needed a car.

    1. A savings account through school is an amazing idea. I always think, schools are not making a good job of preparing people for the real world. As for a car and driving, in my country in the 1980s that could not have been any child's wildest dream. Such different standarts and styles of living! I got my driver's license in 1987 when I was 20 and bought my first car when I was 26.

    2. it is a different lifestyle for sure. We lived in middle class suburbia while I was growing up. Most teenagers had a car. Nothing fancy to drive, for sure, but we had cars to get to school and after school jobs. There really isn't much of a bus system in the suburbs, so that's not an option.