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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I will be singing in the rain!

The last few days were exceptionally hot in Istanbul. Thank God, today it is raining and it has cooled down significantly. I cannot stand the heat. Last night, I tossed and turned in bed and were able to sleep only a few hours. The AC in the studio apartment is very old and the remote does not control the unit very well. You literally have to go up to the unit and point the "remote" to make it work.

I am not too sure if the thermostat is working properly either. I am going to try and see if it works. Another idea is to move the bed further away from the A/C and keep it running all night.

In any case, I do not think, I will need the AC tonight. Hopefully it will be nice and cool at night due to all the rain coming our way.

At my other home, the apartment I own, I never need and AC. The apartment is situated such that, it is nice and bright, yet it never gets direct sunlight except for a couple of hours. During the summer, it is really cool.


  1. I have my window ac unit aimed right at me! It is not working at capacity, so I am still warm. I cover myself with a sheet so I won't be in a draft and put the edge of a blanket over my feet to keep them from being cold. I run the ac about 9 months of the year. I have asthma, so I need cold air to breathe. It is nice you don't need ac in the apartment. Maybe you can take a nap to catch up. I do that.

  2. I would love some rain right about now - it's been in the 90's F and supposed to be 100 the next 3 days. No thank you.