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Friday, August 4, 2017

The best salad I ever had!

I enjoy salads at restaurants here in Istanbul because they are made with many tasty ingredients. I never buy some of the things they use like some fancy grains, kinoa etc.

I always thought half the produce would go bad if I purchased a variety of salad ingredients but, this week, I have decided to try my own mix without fancy stuff so, I purchased the following:

1 small iceberg lettuce
4 big carrots
2 pounds of baby cucumbers
2 pounds of tomatoes
5 beets
1 pound of sweet peppers
Baby arugula
Dill weed

I have used everything except for the carrots and beets for my first salad. I topped my salad with a good portion of poached Norwegian Salmon. For dressing, I used pomegranate molasses and extra virgin olive oil. I am so glad. It was such a filling and healthy salad. I will make variations of this till I use up all my ingredients.

To make the fresh produce last, I put them in paper bags and wrap them with plastic baggies they come in, just loosely and put them in the produce section of the fridge.

Tonight, I am going to make "kısır" which is our version of tabbouleh. I will use up most of the remaining parsley and half of the peppers. We tend to put more bulgur wheat in it. I eat this not as a salad but as a whole one dish meal. It goes best with tea.

I will use up the remaining cooked salmon tomorrow. Then I will use a variety of cheeses and some eggs for protein over my salads. I promised myself not to eat anything else before I use the salad ingredients.

I had an omelette with cheese and dill weed for breakfast this morning so, I do not need any more protein today. The kısır will be just fine for dinner.

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  1. If a single person is eating from salad makings, you have to eat salad until it is gone. Otherwise, you will end up with food that has to be tossed. I do the same thing. It is not boring because I make it different ways. However, I have no aversion to eating the same thing four days in a row.