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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"No TV Weeekend" Challenge

I promised myself not to turn on the TV this weekend. Sometimes I find myself glued to my TV chair zapping endlessly hoping to find something good to watch.

Here is what I have planned for the weekend:

-Catch up on PF blogs.
-Look at the contents of the fridge, salvage everything that may go bad in a few days.
-Work on the material required for the new venture (i.e. study at least 4 chapters and take notes)
-Do a load of laundry

-Go for a walk
-Study at least 2 more chapters and take notes)
-Back-up old files, clean-up the laptop and activate Skype again. (I dislike all kinds of instant messaging but this is the preferred type of communication of my new colleagues in the consultancy venture)

And there is a new book I started to read last night by my bedside. These should be plenty to keep me occupied.

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