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Friday, May 7, 2021

Vacuum Cleaner Dilemma

With all my good intentions, I decided to vacuum the apartment today. There are two old VCs at this apartment. One heats up and shuts itself down after a while and, the other has a damaged top cover.

I decided to use the second one and of course I managed to break the handle of the top before I even started vacuuming so, it cannot be used.

The first thought that came to my mind was to get rid of both and buy a new one. My sister and I started exchanging messages as to what to get while I kept sending her my "finds" online. Then, I remembered that I am generally a frugal person so, I spoke to the Customer Rep and found out that the top cover is available as a spare part and can be delivered to my doorstep. If I wanted them to install it, that would cost extra.

I went to check to see if I can replace the cover myself and found out that, it is very easy. So, at a fraction of the cost of a new VC, I will be able to make this guy work. Isn't frugality fantastic?

I vacuumed most of the apartment with the other VC and I got tired, heated up and shut down before it did.

So, both VCs are staying. One will be patched up and the other will be used as a backup. My sister agreed that buying a new VC for an apartment that is barely used is a waste. Besides, we do not want to add to the landfills.

Then, the not so frugal side of me told me to order dinner instead of cooking tonight. Thinking about how much money I ended up saving, I decided to treat myself. Earned it, right?

Saturday, May 1, 2021


 I do not post political content but, I am sure I have said that I am an opponent of this Government and I just hate the President.

They announced a lockdown with so many exceptions that, they cannot control it. People like I am are obeying the rules but, many people are not.

Mosque going is still allowed. Alcohol sales are banned during the lockdown. What the hell? Does COVID-19 distingusih between muslims and drinkers? They are trying to take this country 100 years backwards and trying to turn it into an Iran. I HATE THESE PEOPLE!

They lied about the vaccines. There is a shortage now. Can they do just one thing right? At first, even I believed they were doing well. Such liars! Enough with them...

Anyway, today is Day 2 and I am cleaning the balcony. It is covered with tall glass, sliding panels. They have not been cleaned in quiet a while and you won't believe the amount of dirt. I want to pour water from the outside and wash it out but I have to think about the neighbor downstairs. I will leave that to a rainy day. So, aım just washing the glass panels and mopping the floor. When I am done, I will post a picture.

I am also trying to walk at home. Yesterday I managed almost 5,000 steps but I should do better.. I think I will go back to doing Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds". 

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

What a day!

Knowing that it will be crazy at the grocery stores tomorrow, I decided to do my shopping today. It was like a zoo!

I ordered some things online but, I wanted to select vegetables and meat myself. So, around 11, I left home to go to a farmers market to buy my veggies and salad fixings. Here is what I bought:

Arugula, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Artichokes and fresh broad beans to cook together, Strawberry, Melon, Garlic, Collard Greens, Broccoli and lemons.

Then I went to get meat and some cheese, eggs and yogurt. Bought 4 steaks and about 4 pounds of ground beef.

When I got home, I started processing the ground meat. Made beef patties, stıffed peppers and tomatoes and cooked them. I froze 6 portions of patties to be cooked later. I cooked some of the patties in tomato sauce and made some sort of a soup with tiny meat balls. The rest will be flattened in a few ziplock bags and frozen.

Wanted to stuff some of the peppers with a rice stuffing but, the rice had gone bad. So, that will have to wait till tomorrow.

After I type this, I will cook the artichokes and fresh broad beans in olive oil. Some of the veggies will need to be cleaned and processed but, I am tired now. May be later at night, may be tomorrow.

I am going to meet my childhood friends tomorrow one more time before we are locked down. Open air, social distance, plus masks of course. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Change of Plans: Full Lockdown!

Since the cases have sky-rocketed lately, the Government finally caved in and announced a full lockdown starting the night of this coming Thursday till May 17th. The specifics of the situation is not clear yet but, it looks like we will not be allowed out of our homes during that time. Bummer!

So, if I will not be allowed to go to the beach, I am not going anywhere. I may as well go back home or stay put here in Ankara. My sister and brother are telling me and uncle to go to Izmir to stay with them but, why? They will be working all day and we will be bored to death. 

Uncle clearly declared that he is staying put. I am considering my alternatives but, I will most likely stay put over here.

Gosh! They should've done this a month ago and we would not be having this problem now. The Government realized that we were in really bad shape and no tourists will be allowed to visit from Europe. Now, they are freaking out considering the loss of revenue.

The Minister of Health says, they will be vaccinating the majority of the population over 40 by the end of June which I am not buying but, it still sounds promising for me to get my vaccine soon. Also, Russia and Turkey reached an agreement to produce the Sputnik V vaccine over here in Turkey. I am sure, that will help the availability of the vaccine as opposed to importing it.

I think I have enough yarn to play with and many books to read. Let's see if they will allow a few hours to walk outside to stretch our legs. I need to go and make a grocery list now.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Leaving Ankara for Antalya

I am thinking of driving down to Antalya on Thursday. There are a few things I need to do before I go.

- Visit the cemetery once more

-  See a couple of friends (already scheduled for  Monday and Tuesday)

- Separate warm clothes to leave in Ankara

- Vacuum the floors

- Clean the bathroom

- Set up the spikes and water bottles

- Move the bulbs to the cooler balcony.

- Clean the kitchen

- Fill the pill boxes

- Pack the stuff uncle wants from home

I am sure there will be lots of other small stuff to be done. 

Uncle is going to get his 2nd vaccine shot on Wednesday so, going on Thursday is a good idea just in case for side effects and such. He is allergic. Hopefully, the second dose of the Chinese vaccine will be OK.

It is still unclear as to when I can get my vaccine but, it looks like when it is time, there will be 3 alternatives to choose from, Pfizer BionTech, Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine and Sinovac the Chinese Vaccine.

I may go for the Russian vaccine. We'll see. Let's not count the chickens before they hatch right?

Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Today I got up at 8:00 a.m. on my own without an alarm clock. Usually, I go back to sleep and get up at 11:00 a.m. but, this time I got up, had a piece of toast with a small slice of cheese and 4 strawberries. Then I went out, cleaned the interior of my car and drove to the nearby park where I walked for an entire hour.

It is a beautiful day and I was feeling so proud and happy. I finally sat down to rest a little bit and check my phone. Then I saw the message from a former colleague which said another colleague of ours passed away this morning. We had just sent birthday messages last week to her. She was only a couple of months older than I am. She had been battling with cancer for a long time but, she was so full of life that, it is hard to believe.

Once, when the cancer came back, she told the doctors that they could only give her pills because she wouldn't miss the chance to go to Mexico for three months. When she came back from her trip, her tests were much better and she lived at least 6 more years after that.

She was working, learning Greek, taking dancing lessons and constantly traveling. I am glad she did not get depressed and rather made the best of her remaining life. She will be missed but, her life was one to be celebrated. Rest in Peace dear friend...

Monday, April 19, 2021

Car Wash!

 I believe my car is still dancing downstairs in the garage to this tune:

I hadn't had my car washed in 6 months? May be longer? The interior is still very dusty. I will take care of that tomorrow but, today, I saw an automated exterior wash place without a line and drove right in. Wow, whaddaya know? My car is a really handsome guy. 

I used to have it washed inside-out but, due to COVID, I do not want someone I do not know inside my car. I wish we had more of those self-wash places like in the US. There are only a handful of them and my car desperately needs a good vacuuming. May be I can find one around me. Need to check the gas stations.

Today, I went to my routine eye exam. I go in every 6 months because of the glaucoma in my left eye. After that, I walked at a park with a nice soft walkway. I walked around it twice. Then, I went to a nearby hobby shop to get more yarn for my giant granny square throw blanket for my guest room. After a small grocery store run, I came home. 

Right now, the diswasher and the washing machine are running and I am having a nice "cuppa joe".

In a bit, I will make hummus and steam some broccoli for dinner. 

Such a nice, peaceful day. Wish everyone a nice week!