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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Relief in a Weird Way

I have been struggling to fill a position for one of our current customers for a while now. The requirements are hard to meet and not a lot of people want to change their jobs when the economy is so unstable. Can't say, I blame them. 

Yesterday, I sent the Customer a report for a new potential candidate and lined up 3 more to intervew this week. However, yesterday night, I had this weird feeling that this position may be done away with because as I thought about the current organization structure of the company, I somehow thought adding another person to the head count seemed a little too much. They just opened a new office in Dubai and I am thinking, that must have cost a pretty penny. 

Lo and behold, today I received an e-mail telling me that the position is postponed for at least 6 months. I am sort of relieved but also, frustrated that we worked really hard to find the right candidates for the job. 

Oh well... Not a big deal for me but, the owner of our company who is a long time friend may be upset over this because, she had been complaining that the business was too slow lately. 

On another note, I went to see a dermatologist yesterday because of a red rash on my skin on the left side of my waist. I ovserved it for a while and then used a cortisone cream but that caused the rash to get bumpier and bigger. The doctor told me it must be a fungal infection and prescribed a cream for it. If it does not start to get any better in a week, I should go see her again so that they can biopsy it. Yikes! I am hoping that, it is indeed a fungal infection. Getting old is such a joy, isn't it? Always a new trouble.

Tomorrow, I am going to Ankara for a week or so. My 56th birthday is coming up on June 6 which also marks the 3rd anniversary of mom's passing. I can't believe it has already been three years. I still miss her so much that it hurts. She was my rock and best travel buddy. 

I remember one day as we were watching a trashy reality show on TV, she was sort of pestering me to get up and re-organize my closet which really needed it. I told her stop presurring me or else, I would run away from home like the stupid teen on the show we were watching. She said: "That would be quiet idiotic, wouldn't it? This is your home. Where are you running to?" We had a good laugh and joked about how she would go on the show to find her 50+ daughter who ran away from her own home just because her mom wanted her to tidy up her closet.

Nowadays, my closet is almost always in order because I purged so much. My sister has a theory that, when people pass, parts of their souls go into their loved ones and that is how they live forever. Ever since mom passed, I started doing certain things her way and keeping a tidier home. So does my uncle. My SIS may have a point after all.

Gotta go and straighten out some things.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


I went to see my dentist friend today and had two fillings. Two of my molars are too close to each other but somehow, food gets in between and as I try to get rid of it, I was hurting my gum and make it bleed. I also thought, I could not keep the area clean enough. Well, I was right and right in between there were cavities on both teeth that went down under the gum line

My friend tried very hard to fix it and he put in two fillings. However, he thinks that may or may not work in the long run. Right now I need a pain killer because the anesthesia wore out. Ouchies!

Tomorrow I am going to have my car inspected and then go see a friend who knows someone who can assess the value of two antique (or so we think) rugs that belong to uncle. I never had anything like that done before so, it will be interesting. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Lazy Day

I had to go to the bank today. Other than that, I went for a walk in the park nearby. It looks bigger than it is. In order to get in my 8000 steps there, I must tour it like 12-13 times which would look pretty crazy for the people who sit at the cafe there so, I varied my path around it as well. I walked 6000 steps and walked on the treadmill to make it to my goal.

I did not want to cook today so, I just had leftovers for lunch and fixed a sandwich for dinner. My snack was yogurt with pineapple. Did not drink enough water. Shame on me.

My American friend M called and we had a long chat and then watched another episode of Designated Survivor. She and I are avid watchers of police procedurals and shows involving spooks. We both have worked for the Defense Industry may years ago and know a thing or two about how security agencies work so, we pick out the ridiculuous things and make fun of them as we watch these shows. I told her that when she retires this year, may be we should become YouTubers who take a show and critique it and point out all the b...s..t. May be we can even be hired later on by big production companies to consult the writers. Why not, right? Lol.

Tomorrow I have to go see my dentist who is also a High School buddy. As much as I like him, I am not looking forward to sitting in that chair.

I also have an interview before the dentist appointment. I hope, this will be a good candidate.


Monday, May 22, 2023

Brrrrr.... Why is it still so cold?

I went out for a walk today and it was pleasant between 2 and 4 p.m. However, as I type this, I am home, the central heating is off and my apartment is only 19℃ or 66℉. Socks, sweatpants and a sweatshirt don't help at all. I now have a blanket, but my nose and feet are still so cold. May be it is time to fish out my space heater to heat my living room. A cup of hot tea sounds good too.

Today, the cleaning lady was here so, my home is all clean and fresh. I have quiet a bit of laundry to do. May be I will wash two loads tomorrow. Istanbul is really humid and when it is cold on top of that, line drying the clothes takes too long. I will use mom's trick and open my bedroom and guest bedroom windows which are on the opposite ends of that area. This creates a draft and when the clothes are hung in between, they dry faster.

I am going to take out the sewing machine and try my hand on some simple projects this week. I applied for apprenticeship at Kim's over at Out My Window. She accepted me (I think) so, next time I am in the US, I will have a Master to teach me to sew and make alterations. 

I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday and I am going to take my car to inspection on Thursday. More money leaving my pockets. On top of this, I need to buy a new set of tires for my car. Oh joy!

Hope everyone has a productive week. 

Saturday, May 20, 2023

This and That

I have lost my mojo to blog as I must have mentioned before but, I know that reading and writing blog posts keep me in a better mood.

I also apologize for not responding to comments as I used to do lately. Going forwards, I will make the effort to respond. Last few weeks, I have been feeling rather depressed. 

So, what am I doing to shake the blues? I am trying to eat in a very healthy manner. Lots of veggies and healthy protein (read boring chicken breast meat). 

I have also started long walks. My goal is to walk 8000 steps each day but, I am not quite there yet. I need my walking muscles when I go to Edinburgh late July. I understand, the best way to see the city is by walking but, it is a hilly place. I do not know if the aches and pains I have is due to building muscles or getting older. I guess we will see in the long run. 

I am also watching my water intake. You know how that works.

The weather is still unusually cold and rainy so, I think when I am in Scotland, I will not be surprised.

Early December, I had taken two positions to work on and I successfully placed my two candidates. My earnings will finance my Scotland visit.

I have one other position which is really difficult to fill due to the requirements and the current economic situation in the country. I just realized that this is an obstacle for my early summer vacation at my uncle's. Besides, Antalya hasn't warmed up yet either. 

Now I gotta get up and walk some more. It is a rainy day, so treadmill it is.

Monday, May 15, 2023

A Personal Manifest

The elections were held. The governing party got the majority of the votes. There were 3 runners for the presidency. Noone won. On the 28th, there will be the second round between the current idiot and the candidate I support. So, we shall see. However, it will not be good with the majority of the parliament being held by the current governing party.

I have been anxious about poor, uneducated people because they were in dire conditions but, hey, they still vote for the idiot. What can I do? If people do not want to be saved, how can we save them? If they have Stockholm Syndrome, so be it. The country is being sucked into the Middle East Hellhole day by day. Those voters one day, will drown in their own sh.t. 

Here is my personel manifest:

"I will go vote each time elections come around, but I will never feel sorry for other people anymore. Going forward, I care only about my family and myself. Our health, well being and happiness are on the only items on my priority list. The last born kid in my family was born in 1975 so, I have noone to worry about."

That's it!

I will not even pay attention to politics anymore. I am limiting my social media exposure as well. Why should I make myself upset over things I have no control over? I will be as carefree and as oblivious as possible from now on. 

I just booked a week long visit to Scotland in July. I will also gift a nice vacation to my SIS and BIL at their favorite resort this summer. 

I'm done!

Friday, May 12, 2023

Please do wish us luck

Sunday is Election Day. 

Please do wish us luck so that we can get rid of this incompetent government and the current president (lowercase letters are used on purpose).

Thank you Farah for sending good luck wishes already.






Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Founder of Modern Turkey