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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Rising cost of groceries

With the economy tanking in this country, things are getting very expensive. Today we went to a German version of a big box store for some necessities and spent quiet a bit of money. Between what I have ordered online and what we bought today, I think we are good to go till the end of the month. We may need some small stuff but, not much.

In any case, everything is so darn expensive. Eating out is getting to be real expenive so, I am glad we are cooking and eating at home mostly.

We bought quiet a bit of vegetables and some chopped meat and turkey drumsticks. Here is what mom and I will be making:

- Stuffed tomatoes and peppers cooked in tomato sauce.
- String beans cooked with chopped meat
- Stuffed eggplants
- Turkey drumsticks cooked in pressure cooker. The meat will be used for salads and sandwiches. The broth for soup.
- Pumpkin. I will use half of it in a soup, the rest baked in the oven with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.

Meals will be divided in portion sizes and frozen so that we will not have to cook every day. I am tired of cooking almost every day lately, so, this will be a nice break.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Change of Plans

We were supposed to go grocery shopping today but, mom is not feeling so great. I ordered most of the stuff online. For fresh produce and meat products, we will go tomorrow.

It is cold and rainy these days. Makes me want to sleep all day (if mom lets me to of course).

I want to go see the Bohemian Rhapsody this week. I have read and heard mixed reviews. I love Queen.

Today's business goal is to list the topics to include in the training set. I have ordered a Reference Book. Also, my lawyer friend will be sharing some material for me to use.

Off to work now.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

New Life

After my loong vacation, I am now home with mom. The weather is pretty bad and we spend most of our days at home. This means saving money.

I haven't yet purchased gas for the car this month. Tomorrow, I will fill up and I am sure that will last us till the end of December.

We do grocery shopping and that is pretty much it. We ordered food only twice this month. Except for a garlic press I needed, I did not buy anything else. We cook from scratch and keep the food healthy. Lots of salads, soups and fish is eaten these days.

Tomorrow, we will be going grocery shopping. We tend to grocery shop once a week and we never go shopping hungry.

I like being home and do not miss work at all. It would be nice to get a project here and there but, I am not in a rush. I will start building the contract management training I had been planning for a long time and I gave myself a deadline to finish it by the end of December.

Having mom at home is sometimes a bit difficult since, she likes to do everything together. I need some place else to work.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Annoying side effect of a med

You may remember that my blood pressure has sky-rocketed around late spring. The doctor has changed my meds and now I am on three different meds to control it. So far, they are working.

I also had been coughing for quiet a while but it never occurred to me that the persistent cough started just around the same time when we changed meds. I do not cough all day but several times during the day.

Last time I went to see the doctor she asked me if the coughing bothered me! And I was like: OMG! Was that the med?

Anyway, since it is only a bit annoying, I decided to keep using it. If it gets worse, next time, I will let the doctor know.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Meal Planning

Mom and I went overboard shopping for veggies last week so, we must plan carefully not to waste anything. I already portioned out some cooked veggies and froze them.

Tonight, I am making a Turkey Pot Pie with a single crust on top. It will be served with a green salad. I like to buy the mixed greens from the grocery store. The bag makes 5-6 big salads. I also like to add corn, red beet pickles, bell peppers, capers or anything else I fancy to add to the salads. If the salad is going to be a meal by itself, I add some protein such as Turkey Breast, low-fat cheeses or beans.

I do not use store bought salad dressings. I use pomegranate sour and extra virgin olive oil. Sometimes I use lemon juice instead of pomegranate sour.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Home Sweet Home!

I am finally back home. I brought mom with me on Saturday. Sure nice to know that I will be home for a while.

I gave the keys to my rental apartment to a real estate agent I have worked with before. I am hoping that he will find another reliable tenant soon. There is a crack in one of the windows and I have withheld some of the deposit for that. The agent will take care of that for me.

I have seen my cardiologist last week. My sleep is still out of whack. The good news is my blood pressure is back to normal.

Mom and I are both trying to lose weight so, I am planning our meals carefully.

I haven't started exercising yet. I need to figure out the best time for me to exercise. Reading about this online. Any suggestions?

Sooooo good to be back!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

All done!

The laundry is done, folded and put away. The suitcases are put away. The fridge and the pantry is nicely stocked. The house is cleaned thoroughly and the vacation mode is switched off.

I am going to Ankara to go see my eye doctor and cardiologist this week. Then I will bring my mom back with me. She missed me and we shall be together more since that I am no longer working full time.

There are some cluttered areas in my home. These will need to be addressed soon. I have to go through my closets, my shoes and all my drawers. So much stuff unused and not needed.

Come November, I shall talk to my lawyer friend to see if he is still interested in working on a joint Contracts Management Training package.

I also need to discuss my new rate with the consulting company I team up with.. I must check my old records and see what they are offering now.