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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Upcoming Vacation Plans

I will be taking a vacation during the first two weeks of June with mom. Last year I had a vacation all by myself in the US and this year, we are vacationing together. She no longer wants to go abroad. Too tiring for her.

We will drive all the way to İzmir on a Saturday and spend two nights at my sister's who will not be home that weekend. On Monday, we will head further south to Bodrum where we will stay at a resort. Our room opens directly to the pool and the Aegean Sea is within two minutes of walking distance. I prefer the sea over the pool but, sunbathing by the pool with mom will be nice. She no longer likes to go in the water. She says the movement of the water makes her dizzy.

We will stay there for 5 days and head back to my sister's who will be home then :) We will spend some time around that area and head back home by the following weekend.

We are planning to go to a classic car museum, visit some archaelogical sites (mom is an archeologist) that we have not been to and mostly relax.

This vacation has been booked in January at a fraction of what it would cost now and has been paid for. I am not expecting to spend much money while we are on the road or in Izmir. The resort is quiet pricey but, I have taken advantage of the early bird special booking they have offered way back in January and purchased insurance just in case we would not be able to go. I like to buy that insurance because you never know, especially when traveling with an elderly person.

I am hoping to make a long road trip in the US next year. Something on top of my bucket list for a long time.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday and stuff

I cannot believe the week is almost over. Life seems to be on the very fast track lately.

As I look closely, I see that my apartment needs some serious work. The flooring must be completely changed. I would love to have hardwood floors but those are prohibitively expensive and difficult to maintain.

I need something to last 15-20 years and easy to maintain. Due to my allergies, I am not supposed to use carpets at home so, the floors are aesthetically important.

I also need to change the shower base and the stall. When I renovated the bathroom, those two turned out to be the two things, I did not like.

There is some water damage on a couple of walls and those have to be taken care of too.

Tomorrow mom and I will go to a Farmer's Market to buy fresh produce. I just hope it won't rain.

I wish everyone a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One of the very best weekends!

My sister and BIL came to visit last Friday night. They had asked me not to tell mom because they wanted to surprise mom who is staying with me these days.

They drove all the way from Izmir after work on Friday so, knowing that they would arrive after midnight, I tried to convince mom to watch a movie after midnight but she was sleepy so, she went to bed.

I made sure, my sis and BIL would not ring the door bell and right after they arrived, we all went to bed. Then it struck me: What if mom wakes up and decides to check up on me? Would she be afraid, if she ran into one of "the kids" in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom? Thankfully, none of that happened.

Anyway, I got up and started breakfast and woke my sister and BIL up. They woke mom very gently and boy! was she happy! She loved her suprise.

Since, everybody was tired, we decided to stay at home and just spend time together on Saturday till dinner.

We went to a fancy fish restaurant that both of the kids love and had a very good time. After I paid the bill, I went to get the car from the valet service and started waiting for my family to get in the car. Minutes passed and there was noone coming. It kinda felt like the Twilight Zone. They were right behind me! Where are they now? I called my sister and my brother and they did not answer! What?! I was about to leave the car to look for them when they finally arrived.

Apparently as they were walking out, they have seen a famous newspaper article writer whom we all like but whom my mom absolutely loves! He is a very smart man, with an incredible archive. He writes politics and he is an opponent to the current Government just like we are. So, they stopped to say hello and he came around, gave mom a hug and posed for several pictures. Bummer! I missed that.

Mom was ecstatic! She kept saying "what a wonderful day this was".  The next day, we had breakfast at home again. My BIL loves pancakes so, I made some and he had his first taste of Maple Syrup. Magically, he liked it! Members of my family have very conservative taste buds unlike mine. I tried to give him one of the unopened bottles I brought back from the US but, he did not want to take it.

It was a great weekend overall.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Weekend Plans

My sister called today to tell me that she and her husband are coming to visit us (mom is also here) tonight, for the weekend as a surprise for mom. Mother's Day is next weekend but they can make it this week.

YAY! I am very happy! I miss my sister very much and I am looking forward to seeing her. She is 7 years my junior. She is witty, versatile and very funny. She is also Ms. Common Sense. 

Oh! Yeah, I also love my BIL too. He is a kind and gentle guy who adores my sister. 

We will have a nice breakfast at home tomorrow morning. Then, we will play tourist in Istanbul all day long. I would like to take them on a boat tour either to Prince Islands or along the Bosphorus if the weather permits that. I have booked a very nice fish restaurant that they love for dinner.

On Sunday, we will have breakfast together and they will drive back to Izmir in the afternoon. It is just a short little visit but we shall hopefully get to see them again next month at the end of our mini vacation with mom.

I think it is a blessing to get along well with one's immediate family. I know many people who cannot stand their siblings and I think, that is so sad.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Chaos Ahead!

I am sure, none of my readers are interested in Politics and Economics in Turkey but, let me tell you things are looking not good on the horizon.

We are headed for early elections and if the current Government does not go away, it will be horrible in the long run. We may as well kiss secularism, democracy and justice goodbye.

The economy was getting worse and worse each day and the Government has not been doing anything about it. You may ask why and I can answer with one word: Corruption!

Anyway, there are rumors that, as soon as the elections are over, if the current Government stays on, there will be a major devaluation of Turkish Lira against hard currencies such as the USD and Euro. They are also thinking that, the currency regime may go back 40 years and that our USD accounts may be frozen at a certain exchange rate and we may have no longer access to hard currencies as much as we like to. Given that half of my savings are in hard currencies, this can lead to a disaster for me personally.

They think bank safety deposit boxes will be safe at least for the time being. I started withdrawing hard currencies and placing them in a safety deposit box that I rented from my bank. My sister also has one at her branch. So, I am sending her some USD for her to keep it in her safety deposit box. I have a safe at home but, I really do not like to keep much cash there. I am also converting as much TL to USD as possible anticipating the devaluation.

I presume, none of my readers will ever have this problem. If this scenario does not happen, all I will have lost will be some interest on my USD accounts. Better safe than sorry...

I am also investing in small gold coins since they can be converted to cash very easily. So, before June 25, I should be done with all my maneouvres.

I just cannot stand the dummies in the Government.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Done with the Studio Apartment

Finally I moved all my personal belongings from the studio apartment and turned the keys in. Now I am looking forward to getting my deposit back.

I left the IKEA stuff at the apartment and the realtor will try to rent it with them. If not, they will be donated. There is a white Queen sized TRYSIL bed, a white three drawer chest BRIMNES, and a white wardrobe.

Tomorrow we shall be driving to Ankara. Monday is a National Holiday. It is National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Turkey. On Tuesday, mom, my sister's FIL and I all have cardiologist appointments. We shall be coming back Wednesday night.

3-day weekend with lots of laundry and placing things back to where they belong. My back hurts and I want to sleep round the clock. Lol!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Life with Mom

I love my Mom to the moon and back. She is very very very organized and neat so, I have to be really careful about how I keep my place.

She has done a great job organizing many things around my home that I really didn't care about. I must admit, I like the way my place looks.

She is also cooking healthy stuff and my weight started to drop. I am very thankful that we have a good relationship and that we like to spend time with each other.

As long as I keep my things in place and not criticize her favorite TV shows, we are perfect! Lol!

She loves to watch the Turkish Version of Survivor. I hate that show. So, laptop and internet to the rescue!

I can carry on a meaningful conversation as I am surfing the Net and we are good.

Early June, we will be taking a vacation together.

I think, my sister and mother are on top of my blessings list.

I am gradually packing up my stuff at the Studio and moving them home. As I pack, I am getting rid of things that are unwanted. Tonight, I am planning to pack the rest of what I will take home and separate the things to be donated.