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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dressing up, dressing down or just plain dressing...

It is one of the two weird times of the year again. Although it is getting to be rather chilly, I see women refusing to give-up their flip-flops and tank tops yet. Some others have already started showing up in their Uggs as if we are expecting real cold weather and snow sometime soon.

For me, it is time for socks, pants, reasonable shoes and light jackets may be. It has been raining heavily in Istanbul lately so, I always check the weather report to decide if I need to carry an umbrella or not.

This is a good time to sort out summer clothing and get rid of those pieces no longer needed by way of charity or re-purposing. I usually give items in good condition to charity and make rags out of the ones no longer usable. I am a practical dresser. I stick to certain colors and classic styles so if I grab a top and a bottom blindfolded, they will still match.

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