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Monday, September 28, 2009

Never Owned a Dryer, Never Needed One

In my country laundromats are not common. Usually school campuses might have them. It must be something about the culture I guess. Most people own washers but not dryers. Owning a washer was quiet an expense in the past so most people would not spend any money on dryers at all. Therefore, they never became popular until recently. Even now, most people do not buy them. I can afford one but have no place to put it. We own front loading machines and many people stack them; washer at the bottom, dryer on top. In my case even that will not work.

However, I never needed a dryer at all. I am so much used to using a drying rack in my spare bedroom that, I never felt I needed one except for a brief period during late Fall and early Spring when the Central Heating is off. During those periods, it takes a little longer than I like to get my laundry dry. You might say that it is easy for me to dry my stuff since I am single and there is not much laundry when compared to a family of four or five. Well, when I was growing up, mom had a semiautomatic machine and we were a family of four. Since mom worked, Saturday was her laundry and cleaning day and after an exhausting day of these activities, she would hang the laundry on lines she would put all over the apartment and at the back balcony. I still remember the acrobatic moves we had to make so that the fresh laundry stayed fresh.

Nowadays, I see lots of commercials about dryers and all those commercials claim that the dryers are very frugal in terms of electricity usage. Well, I do not have that cost now, do I? So, how can buying a dryer be frugal?

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