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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I emptied my towel and sheet drawers and packed them last night. It was a fairly easy job because everything was already neatly folded. I also did two loads of laundry and hung them to dry. I always use a drying rack. I have never owned a dryer and never needed one. I will end up having two drying racks when I move back home since I already had a drying rack back in Istanbul. I had divided the pots, pans and the other kitchen hardware between homes so, they will not constitute a problem but some items will double.

When I come to think of owning more than one item of household goods, I think I have:

4 irons
2 hair dryers
2 gas cooktops
2 sandwhich makers
2 wireless phones 
2 laptops (one is broken beyond repair but I do not know how to get rid of it)
2 broken cell phones (see above)
2 vacuum cleaners (I tend to like the old one better)
2 ironing boards
2 drying racks

And, um no, I am definitely not a hoarder because I purge my wardrobe every season, giving away the things that I do not wear and I also give away old pillows, blankets and sheets. Besides my apartment does not look cluttered at all.

Useless items must go but, I will hold onto some of the above just in case the one in use breaks down. After all, I have already paid for these and it is not like they will go bad or anything. They will just take up some space which I can handle. I live alone and I have enough room for everything. 

The Fall is the season I love best and it always gives me the sense of renewal by means of getting rid of useless stuff, making room for items that will add a cozy and comfortable charm to my living quarters. I also like to clean out the fridge, use up what is in my pantry to make room for fresh and new things getting prepared for the winter. 

Some people clean out their wardrobes after a certain season and donate the items belonging to the previous season. I do the opposite. After all, winter garments will be most needed during the winter. So, it is a good time to donate winter stuff now.

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