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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer's End

My favorite season is the Fall so, on this very first day of the Fall, I am filled with joy looking forward to my last day at work on the 14th of September. On the 17th, I will file for retirement and finish up packing the rest of my stuff to take back to Istanbul.

I cannot believe it is only 9 more days of my draining, terrible job. I have been off since August 18th. I have spent 4 days by the seaside in Kaş, Antalya with my sister and brother-in-law. Then I took my mom to Barcelona for 5 days. We returned last week and have been resting ever since. Mom seems to have thrown out the towel on travel. It is too much for her to walk at the airports. She loves to travel so, may be she will forget how tired she was this year and come with me somewhere else next year. Who knows?

Here are the things that I am looking forward to this Fall:

1. Filing for retirement.
2. Emptying my apartment.
3. Moving back home:)
4. My first assignment as a consultant.
5. My first payment from my new job.

Feels good!

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